what to expect

Group and team workshops have included club organizations, to the college teams, and all levels in between.
For over 20 years, Jennifer has worked with hundreds of athletes on the mental components of their sports. As a Mental Performance Coach, it is her job to put struggling athletes in control of their game, by equipping them with a variety of skills and strategies.
When an athlete works with Jennifer, they will possess various tools to aid them in moments of adversity, and to accomplish their biggest goals.
Some topics we’ll address:

  • How to develop unshakeable confidence
  • Emotional arousal control skills
  • Developing an elite mindset
  • Cultivating a positive team culture
  • Teamwork and effective communication

Mental toughness is vital to athletic performance, and can be the difference between a good and a great player! Jennifer teaches the necessary skills to overcome barriers, fear of failure, performance anxiety, and so much more! We work with a wide variety of athletes at all skill levels, ages, and sports! Let us help take your athletes to the next level!