My daughters are two very different types of athletes. Joan is a competition dancer and Sam plays soccer. Both girls are high level athletes that consistently take care of themselves physically to be the best that they can be. Joan started to have some confidence issues and trouble keeping the negative noise out of her head. Sam suffered from an illness that kept her off the pitch for 6 months, which caused her to think she might not be able to return to the sport she loves. Jenny truly saved them both! The transformation that we saw while they were going through the program was astounding! They utilize the skills that Jenny taught them within their athletics, academics, and everyday life stressors. The combination of physical and mental work has put them at a different level of athletic ability. EVERY athlete should go through Jenny’s program!

Diane Kowalik

Jen has literally transformed my daughter, who was already an extremely skilled basketball player,
but whose greatest enemy was herself and the struggles that went on within her own head. Katie truly didn’t believe that “talking to a stranger” could ever help her and she couldn’t have been more wrong. She loved every minute she worked with Jen and all the strategies she taught her have helped her tremendously both on and off the court. Katie always knew that the mental part of the game was her biggest weakness, but she never believed anyone could “fix what was in her head”. Well Mental Performance Training with Jenn certainly can and Katie’s multiple D1 scholarship offers are proof of that!!

Stephanie Jimroglou-Ledden

Game changer!! We can never thank Jenny enough for all of the love and support she put into our boy!! He’s a different kid on the mat, in the classroom and at home! An experience he will never forget!! We are forever grateful!

Jessica Arenella Weber

Coach Jen has been terrific for my daughter in getting her to overcome in game mental blocks and the negative feedback loop that used to occur during in game miscues. Her methods have created a sense of confidence I haven’t seen in years from my daughter and the joy of competition has returned. Jen is an excellent and compassionate mentor and friend for young athletes that feel stress and feelings of self doubt in their journey of athletic accomplishment. We found Jen through a D-1 athlete who was experiencing similiar roadblocks. We cannot thank Coach Jen enough and she still reaches out to my daughter on her own time. Although as parents we did not sit in on sessions, she feels like a part of the family!

Deneen Matus

Coach Jenny was a perfect match for my son. She tailor fit a program to him based on his age and needs. As a 9 year old dedicated hockey and baseball player, she worked with him to help him manage his frustrations and how to handle the pressure of the game. She gave him release systems and helped him recognize when he needed to use them. We are so happy and proud of the improvements we’ve seen both on the field and ice, as well as in real life situations. As a person, she is warm, friendly and easy to talk to. We highly recommend her to any athletes hoping to up their mental game!

Megan Presutti

Jenny is amazing, she worked with our son over the past several months and the difference in his confidence and approach to dealing with stress and performance anxiety has really been a game changer. All of the different techniques she teaches are things kids can use not only in sports but in general every day situations and for me that is really important. Kids now a days have so much more daily stress and having someone like Jenny being able to work with my son and really connect with him on a personal level was definitely one of the best things we have done for him.

Greg Heller

After a nagging injury preventing Mattison from performing her best compounded with the struggle to find her own motivation to play the games she has loved her whole life, we knew we would have to seek out someone to help her with the struggle. We found Jen through a Facebook search and realized that a few of Mattison’s teammates had also successfully completed trainings with Jen. Fast forward 10 sessions later and the transformation in our daughter is incredible. She has fallen back in love with the game, has gained her confidence and intrinsic motivation back, she’s refocused and feels purpose and the passion again. The strategies and techniques Jen has given Mattison will continue to help her not only in her current season and high school sports but in her everyday life as well. We are so thankful for Jen!!

Sandi King Chiera

Everyone always says that sports have a huge mental component to them, but no one actually does something about it. That’s why there’s Jenny. Her program is right on the mark. As the parent of two athletes, I couldn’t recommend her coaching program more. And so many of the tools she provides can be applied to all situations in life. Kids have so much more to worry about in this world and this program is a small but mighty way to help them focus on what’s in and out if their control and focus on the right things, on and off the field.

Lori Smith

Jenny is awesome. My daughter went through her 10 week workshop and the difference was night and day. More confident both on and off the field. The biggest change was in the classroom. She was more focused and more determined. Can’t thank Jenny enough.
My daughter reached out weeks after her last session related to an issue she was having with her coach and Jenny immediately took her call and helped her problem solve. Wish I had someone like her in my corner when I was my daughter’s age.

Brian Murphy