jennifer’s bio

Over the last twenty-five years, Jenny has flourished as the owner and operator of two thriving businesses, Inspire U Fitness and Jenny D Mindset. With more than twenty years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, Jenny has closely worked with numerous athletes, guiding them through the mental and physical dimensions of their sports. Raised as an athlete herself, and with two athletic daughters, Jenny identified a notable void in mental performance training, fueling her passion for the industry.

Jennifer holds a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Sports and Exercise Science from William Paterson University. In 2014, she secured multiple certifications in Mental Performance Coaching, and Sports Psychology Coach Counseling. Since then, her business has experienced remarkable growth. Through her eight-session workshop program, she has provided a platform for countless athletes to confront their challenges, while equipping them with effective tools and strategies to navigate adversity during competition, thus granting them a significant “mental advantage” over their opponents. Her passion for this field has instilled confidence in hundreds of athletes, propelling them towards excellence.

it’s the start that stops most people

Our focus

As a Mental Performance Trainer, it is Jennifer’s responsibility to put struggling athletes back in
control of their game, by giving them the correct tools and strategies to help them learn the mental and emotional skills necessary to set them apart from others. Jennifer focuses on building up and encouraging their g-esteem, as self-confidence is one of the most important components of great athleticism!

She works with athletes at all skill levels, ages, and sports, by teaching the mental skills
necessary to overcome barriers and help enhance athletic performance!